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Sharon Lynch Body Mind Movement

Mindfulness And Wellbeing For Young People.

Helping young people ease anxiety and tension in their body and mind, as well as giving them space to express themselves, is the reason I do this work. 
  • One to one mindfulness consultations based on the individual’s needs. 
  • Personal wellness plan for children and parents.
  • Mindfulness classes in schools and youth groups.

Sharon Lynch Body Mind Movement

Teaching children to use creativity to boost their         self-esteem and emotional resilience. 

Introducing children to creative mindfulness means they will learn the benefits early on and are much more likely to use these skills throughout life. Creative mindfulness classes teach children how to use their breath, physical body and creativity to self-regulate and calm their body and mind.

Children use their physical body and inquiring minds to express themselves. Jumping, playing, questioning and creating are their ways to learn and adapt to the world around them.

In my creative mindfulness classes I use Meditation, Yoga, Art, Drama and Dance 


Meditation and relaxation techniques give children an empowering skill to help them manage stress in life.

Benefits of Meditation for Kids

·       Improves sleep

·       Builds self-esteem

·       Manage thoughts & feelings

·       Learn to relax

·       Improved concentration


Yoga encourages children to discover their abilities, control their own movements and thoughts, and learn self-care.

Benefits of Yoga for Kids

·       Calm down and Focus

·       Exercise and coordination

·       Increase self-confidence

·       Self awareness

·       Fun and laughter


Art helps children develop practical skills and encourages them to use creativity to have a positive impact on their mental health.

 Benefits of Art for Kids

·       Promotes independence

·       Encourages self-expression

·       Process feelings and emotions

·       Builds organisational skills

Dance & Drama

These physical activities help to reduce stress, dissipate excess energy and release mental, physical and emotional tension.

Benefits of Yoga for Kids

·       Stimulates imagination

·       Promotes team work

·       Physical fitness and fun

·       Improves motivation

·       Reduces anxiety and stress  

Sharon Lynch Body Mind Movement


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